Emmys 2007: What Sally Field Said to Get Bleeped by FOX

On tonight’s Emmy broadcast, Sally Field was giving an impassioned speech about mothers and war after winning for “Brothers & Sisters”. After stumbling, she ended with the following comment, paraphrased:

“If mothers ruled the world, there would be no god-damned war.”

For viewers in Canada, this was heard verbatim. For viewers on FOX in the U.S., the conclusion was bleeped out.

While there remains issues over the use of god, for obvious reasons, it raises an important question:

If this was on any network other than FOX, run by Rupert Murdoch, would it have been bleeped out at all?

We’ll see the fallout from this over the next few days. At the end of the Emmy broadcast, Sopranos creator David Chase joked that “If gangsters ruled the world…maybe they do.” Will it be a laughing matter in tomorrow’s papers? Only time will well.



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20 responses to “Emmys 2007: What Sally Field Said to Get Bleeped by FOX

  1. I have been a fan of Sally Field for as long as I can remember and I’m 55 years old. I hope she gets to read this, along with all the other whiners about the war out there. I also hope it is read with an open mind, a commodity that seems to be in short supply nowadays.

    I understand the frustration with the war and the grief on the families who’ve lost a loved one. However, I am commenting as a mother who has lost a child to an absolutely senseless murder. I can’t tell you how much easier it would have been to lose my son to a cause he believed in, than it has been trying to find reason in his death as it was. All I have to say to those shouting the loudest about this war, including Cindy Sheenan, who in my opinion as a mom who has also lost son, is just seeking sympathy in the only way she knows, but is so dishonoring what her own child believed in, IT ISN’T ABOUT YOU! Quit whinig! The ones serving in this war are being dishonered by your knee-jerk, democratic bull. Develope a brain! Stop, think, for yourself for a change! Be opposed to the war all you want, go for it, but try to remember, there are much worse, and much more senseless ways to die, and much as you might want to pretend otherwise, we are all going to die.

  2. Neftali

    In my opinion the whole speech was out of order, she showed to be what she acts, an unstable crazy woman that just wanted some publicity which is what she’s getting right now. Her speech is no more than what Rupert Murdock made of, A JOKE!!!.

    Now, about FOX, the emmy awards are suppossed to be a family show so they don’t want any problems with parents blaming the network for letting a woman to talk blasphemy or about war in a public show that has nothing to do with it, they want to evade another “Janet Jackson situation” so it’s not an attent to the freedom of speech or democracy as some people think, but her comment was out of context and innapropiate for the event.

  3. Peter Zaragoza

    Fox committed an unethical and immoral act by CENSORING Sally Field’s anti-war speech and other speeches that dared to imply anything that might be considered anti-war. Fox tainted the reputation of the Emmy Awards by this action. The Emmy’s should publicly denounce Fox’s fascist policy against free speech.

  4. Teejate

    From my understanding, “God Damn” does not usually make the televison airwaves however, this is not about censoring a word. It’s about censoring an idea. And whether you believe in her position or not, every American should be outraged at this blatant disregard of one of our basic tenants.

    And Karen? “We’re all going to die…” isn’t quite enough for me to support sending Americans to fight an illegal war for corporate interests. Sorry.

    Can’t wait to hear the Right-Wing mouthpieces slamming Sally Field tomorrow. What’s ironic is that if they believed in America and our freedoms as much as they say they do, they’d go into full attack mode against FOX. Now I wonder what the odds are of that happening? About the same as O’Reily’s show actually living up to it’s “No Spin” motto.

  5. Chris

    Since when does an awards show have anything to do with personal views on the war??? Obviously Sally just couldn’t stop after she started out with a very heartfelt thanks for her Emmy. If she would have stopped when she received her applause, she would have saved her dignity and reputation, BUT NO!! She had to turn it into a “Primetime” “face time” opportunity to state her personal views on the War. Wake up America, when has this country been attacked on our own soil? Have we all forgotten what happened on 9-11? Hollywood in particular, seems to have their heads up their buts, they are so worried about what actresses are wearing to the awards show. PLEASE…
    We need to be worried about the people of this country and to our American freedoms that are being attacked.
    You all need to educate yourself on the Muslim faith and the radical Islam and I quote, “Who will stop at nothing short of domination of all non-Muslim countries.”
    You will have to look hard for this 8 CD collection as it is TOO truthful, and scary for us Americans to
    want to accept. The Title is: Because they Hate. Its a survivor’s account of Islamic terror and SHE warns America. The personal account is written by Brigitte Gabriel, and as I said, this should be heard by all Americans but you will not find it on the shelves at your favorite book store, You will have to ask for it, and order a copy.
    Wake up America, the country as we know it and our freedom to “have award shows for Hollywood”, ha, is at risk.
    This country needs to be pro-active, not reactive to these threats before its too late.

  6. Ruscal

    I have to agree with so many others, Fox (as much as I dislike them at times) didn’t abridge constitutional free speech, they simply saved themselves from a big FCC fine. Take a moment and seriously admit to yourself on thing, we all knew that she was giving a anti-war speech (she had said as much already) after she got her thoughts back together; and I knew she was going to be cut as soon as the first sound of the word “God” cleared her lips… the last thing a show with the respect and reputation of the Emmy’s needs is a fine for indecency.

    Now, just a note (since I seem unable to leave well enough alone) about the military engagements the USA is currently involved in: While I do NOT like the reasoning behind our initial involvement in certian foregin affairs, there is nothing illegal about it. Thats the funny thing about electing a person as commander-in-chief of the armed forces, they get to make major military decisions that are 100% legal (according to the 1973 War Power Rsolution) and then when congress is ‘kind’ enough to encourage the continuation of such engagements (House Joint Resolution 114; Oct. 16, 2002) it is 100% legal and created by the various officials that YOU (and me, and the rest of the US citizens) elected to office.

    Sorry about the small rant, but I tire of hearing people complain about not being able to get the impossible… there is a solutions though (and its the sparkling gem of a democratic republic) if you don’t like your leaders, elect new ones!

  7. Just to clarify one thing: the FCC cleared Award Shows of statements like “god damn” and other more casual forms of swearing (Unlike Bono’s F-Bomb from the Golden Globes for Gangs of New York) due to their unpredictable nature and the understanding of the spontaneity of the event. So, by precedent, the FCC would not have sued for the statement.

    Earlier in the evening, Ray Romano got censored (But again, not in Canada) when he (before 9pm) said that “Frasier is screwing my wife.” That was an ethics issue, and was early…Field’s comment being so late means that the same argument can’t really be made.

  8. Richard Garst

    All is “sound and fury, signifying nothing.” And it would be anice touch if all the bloggers could brush up on their spelling skills. By the way, the word is tenets, not tenants.

  9. Richard Garst

    All is “sound and fury, signifying nothing.” And it would be a nice touch if all the bloggers could brush up on their spelling skills. By the way, the word is tenets, not tenants.

  10. rich

    We should all expect more from certain people, she is one of them. It was impossible to tell that she is a seasoned professional. She acted like a dumb schoolgirl, she could even make Britney Spears look smart! She was is an embarassment to herself and her profession.

  11. Yolanda

    I always thought Sally Field was a classy lady, but she proved otherwise. Protests against the war don’t bother me. We are all different and have different views which we are all free to express in this country (God bless every soldier and vet who’s fought for that). But what a foul mouth Sally has. It would have been more beneficial for her and her cause to have made an intelligent argument instead of ranting like an insane incoherent lunatic. What a let-down for all her adoring fans. Sally’s second chance at fame, has left us with a bad taste in our mouths. …wish she’d stay (at the imposed)”retired.”

  12. Stefaan

    Sally had the courage to speak her mind, on the sixty seconds of broadcasted fame. When I read personal attacks in some replies here, it convinces me that she was right to grab the moment. Go and attack the messenger, because there is no way to argument the message.
    As for FOX, fear is what I fear.

  13. vaginadialogues

    And Sally was the flying NUN !! Therefore she may get special dispensation.

  14. Rebecca

    I will no longer be supporting her in any way, that’s for sure. It’s ok to state your openion on things like the war, but the way she did it was not. She could have stated her openion in a much better and more classy way and she should have.
    But, the fact that she came against the name of God is the reason I will no longer support her in any way. That is just something you don’t do! (of course that’s just my openion) I will not support anyone who comes against the name of God in any way wither it’s something they’ve said or done. It was wrong of her to do, especially on national television. I will certainly never be watching anything she’s in.
    Say what you will, but that’s my openion and I’m sticking to it!

  15. To Teejate. My comment that we are all going to die has nothing to do with whether or not you or anyone else supports sending troops to Iraq. It is a simple fact. If someone dies in support of a cause they believe in, and that they knowingly volunteered for, imho, that’s not a bad way to go, and certainly is contrary to all the drama about the war being portrayed by the Hollywood liberals, and Cindy Sheenan, who’s son, by the way, believed in the war and enlisted. My point is, that since we are mortal, there are much worse ways of dying than dying in doing something you believe in. Any other questions?

  16. Rocco

    wow, where is the world coming to,there has been more tragedies in this past month all over the planet and we are worried about what 1 word is changing our life? heartquakes, hurricanes,twisters,rains, flooding, airplane going down ,and not forgetting all the soldiers not coming back,peru`,chile the islands of caribbean,thailand,florida,new orleans etc. etc. and we are putting all of our energy on Sally field because of 1 word? take 1 minute and reflect,and pray,God bless all of Us

  17. Dan

    In response to Sally Field, I point to…

    Laura Bush (4/25/07): “And believe me, no one suffers more than their president and I do when we watch [the news about the war].”

    Mothers, fathers, non-parents, whomever. That status has nothing to do with why wars, especially voluntary ones, begin. It has everything to do with callous individuals completely divorced from the real costs and sacrifices that their policies require.

  18. Hubert D. Rabon

    Was Catherine the Great a mother?

    Sally Fields should spend more time in history books to determine whether what she wants to say has merit, or not.

    Regardless of whether or not I agree with her, she sounded as reality stupid as any of her ilk who disregard the facts about any number of issues.

  19. Jane

    I have always admired Sally Field. She is a very good actress. I have always thought she was good at her job.
    I was sorely disappointed with her comment at the Emmy’s. I have never understood why our society listens to the actors/actresses when they expound about political ideas. These actors have a skewed vision of the world. They do not live in reality 80% of their lives. Why would we think that they have a grip on something that impacts us and is this important.
    My son is in the Army, obviously by choice. I am very proud of him and all those who are serving at this time. The sentiment that has poured over this land that we should stop fighting because there have been enough casualties on our side. That’s what war is….. we lost 3,000 on 9.11 and were galvanized together at that time. Why have we lost our focus so much that we will let the fanatical islamics win????? Once one of our country men or soldiers have lost their lives, it should bring us all together and make us stronger than ever to WIN. We are the strongest, richest, most creative nation in the world. Why would you think we cannot win this battle. It was never going to be easy… it was never going to be quick. If you thought that, you were forgetting how these people work. They lay in wait for you to drop your guard and then strike. They do not value life – they martyr it.
    Is that what you want to leave your children? A world dominated by these types of religious fanatics???? I certainly don’t. I pray every day for our troops safety but as each generation that went to war knows, we have to fight the devil where it stands. History has taught us that much.

  20. To Jane. Well said! I don’t know what the problem is, but we’ve seemed to have become a nation of instant gratification, and no guts for the unavoidable decisions we have to make to protect our people and our freedom. I seriously worry that our country can no longer come together as one in the face of danger, because certain elements can not see the danger. Maybe there is just too much so called information provided by a media dedicated only to ratings and money. Embedded journalists???? What kind of insanity is that??? Why don’t you just send the enemy an email, or make a phone call and tell them what our troops are doing? Maybe, just maybe, the media shares a majority of the blame for the length of this war. ?

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