Hey! Nielsen TV Blog Contest Update – 3rd Place? Madness!

Hey everyone, hope everything is going well out there. While I’m busy off dealing with the faculty strike (They’re talking again tomorrow night, in case someone is theoretically interested in my daily affairs), I missed an email that informed me that Cultural Learnings was sitting in 3rd Place in the Hey! Nielsen TV Blog Contest.

Needless to say, I need to thank everyone who has voted for me thus far. The fact that you’d take the time to react to this site in a positive fashion shows I must be doing something right. I greatly appreciate the support, and only wish I could have been more productive over the weekend to justify this high placement.

Now, you might be wondering what my plans are to dethrone the current leader. Well, I have no plans whatsoever. When it comes to who deserves to win this contest, there is no doubt in my mind that current #1, Jericho Monster, is that site.

Jane has put together a site that has garnered interviews with not only bloggers like myself and Rich over at Copywrite Ink., but also actors like Lennie James, who plays Hawkins on Jericho. Her interviews and postings have been a huge service to a fan campaign, and her contributions don’t stop there: whether on message boards or elsewhere, Jane has been a huge part of the Save Jericho campaign.

And since that’s really what Hey! Nielsen is for, rewarding those who step outside the box to promote their favourite series, I want everyone who might vote for me to vote for Jane as well.

Hey! Nielsen TV Blog Entry – Jericho Monster

Hey! Nielsen TV Blog Entry – Cultural Learnings

Thanks again, everyone: voting ends on October 24th!


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4 responses to “Hey! Nielsen TV Blog Contest Update – 3rd Place? Madness!

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  2. Hey Myles,
    Thanks for the plug. I wouldn’t have known JerichoMonster was in 1st place for that “special” prize if not for you.

    Everybody please vote for Cultural Learnings because Myles is always trying to help Jericho fans.

  3. Voted – thanks for letting us know!

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