Guiding Principles for the Return of CBS’ “Jericho”

For those who may have been curious as to what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks that has resulted in a rather alarming lack of blog postings, I’ve been busy with a variety of school-related activities surrounding the faculty strike currently affecting my campus. As part of this, our students’ union released a set of guiding principles which the administration and faculty will ideally follow within this setting.

Perhaps proving I’m forever incapable of forgetting about Jericho, my mind immediately turned to what I would write for today, Jericho Digg Day. Terocious at Jericho Junction was kind enough to organize this, and I wanted to provide something with real value for Jericho fans to think about. As a result, I have decided to craft a series of guiding principles that CBS and fans should follow when Jericho finally returns to television at some point in the next number of months. I believe that, if these guidelines are followed, the show has a great chance of success, and that the fans have the potential to get the 3rd season they deserve.

Guiding Principles for the Return of “Jericho”

Jericho Digg Day – October 28th, 2007

Before the Date is Announced:

  • CBS should be in close contact with fan communities in order to recapture the grassroots elements of the initial campaign to save Jericho.
  • The DVD set should be advertised through traditional and new media in a way that reflects its importance to the campaign.
  • Fans should attempt to overcome the rifts growing between certain populations in order to present a united front.
  • CBS should be responsible for keeping the series in the public eye, not just the fans; however, fans should continue to digg, read and comment on stories to keep their momentum alive.

When the Date is Announced:

  • CBS should choose a fair timeslot which avoids major competition while reflecting the themes and values within the series.
  • CBS should immediately begin advertising the show’s return during their most successful programs (CSIs, NCIS, etc.)
  • CBS will ideally have established connections with fans that they can use in order to get the word out quickly to the fans who have abandoned the cause since the summer.
  • Fans should mobilize behind this date quickly: while CBS is expected to hold part of the burden, fans have access to numerous tools they don’t, so use them!
  • Bloggers like myself will be sure to promote this date and make sure that people are aware it is finally happening.

Leading Up to the Premiere:

  • CBS should continue advertising the series.
  • CBS will ideally ensure that the show’s stars are out and about on Late Night and Daytime talk shows.
  • Fans should reconnect with the principles that won the show’s return: its quality, its values and of course the nuts.
  • However, fans should also be willing to move into any new innovative territories in order to broaden the show’s horizons.

The Premiere:

  • CBS should maintain realistic expectations of the show’s ratings, understanding the challenges it has faced, and will not pass judgment until Live+7 DVR Ratings are released.
  • Fans will watch the premiere (I don’t think this one is even in question, eh?)
  • That I will put my money where my mouth is and watch and review said premiere.

After the Premiere:

  • Fans will celebrate, but should also actively continue to discuss and promote Jericho as it heads into its subsequent episodes.
  • CBS should give the show time to settle in, and avoid burning off episodes to speed up the process.
  • CBS will, through Fan Central or other sources, feature Jericho bloggers and their takes on the episode in order to further facilitate a relationship between the two sides.

These are simply what I feel may be important: if you have any of your own that you would like to add, feel free to post them below and I will be sure to add them to the list as the day goes on. Thanks for reading, and let’s hope that CBS is reading too!


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9 responses to “Guiding Principles for the Return of CBS’ “Jericho”

  1. judist63

    Myles, I agree with all you have stated and applaud your efforts in the midst of what you have on your plate to be able to make the time to come up with it. I am so alarmed by the lack of CBS to make the time to help with the promotion of Jericho and the dvd’s and also that they aren’t using the momentum we have given them to attract new viewers and promote. It makes me quite frustrated to say the least that CBS seems to disregard us this way but still leave the pressure on us to keep interest alive. If they would at least give us a date for the return, it would help tremendously to promote at all the blogs and forums. Thank you for helping us to stay focused and grounded on the issues.

  2. ahma

    Thanks for the guidelines and your support of Jericho.

  3. Azlady

    You are right on the money with these guidelines. I hope CBS is smart enough to follow them.

  4. Ichthus

    Very good, Myles! Regardless of what CBS may do, we need to make sure we, the fans, do are part in following these guidelines. Half the battle is won, if we do. CBS are you ready to do your part?

  5. Thanks, Myles. Great article as usual. If only CBS will listen.

  6. terocious


    Here is hoping we can get you some more Jericho to write about. You do it so well it would be a shame to waste the jericho part of your brain. 🙂


  7. erika

    Has someone sent this over to CBS? A wealth of good ideas. Thanks again, Myles.

  8. Very well laid out paper for our success, thank you very much for taking the time to write this out for us.

  9. Here is hoping CBS reads this article!! Well done!

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