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Guiding Principles for the Return of CBS’ “Jericho”

For those who may have been curious as to what I’ve been doing for the past two weeks that has resulted in a rather alarming lack of blog postings, I’ve been busy with a variety of school-related activities surrounding the faculty strike currently affecting my campus. As part of this, our students’ union released a set of guiding principles which the administration and faculty will ideally follow within this setting.

Perhaps proving I’m forever incapable of forgetting about Jericho, my mind immediately turned to what I would write for today, Jericho Digg Day. Terocious at Jericho Junction was kind enough to organize this, and I wanted to provide something with real value for Jericho fans to think about. As a result, I have decided to craft a series of guiding principles that CBS and fans should follow when Jericho finally returns to television at some point in the next number of months. I believe that, if these guidelines are followed, the show has a great chance of success, and that the fans have the potential to get the 3rd season they deserve.

Guiding Principles for the Return of “Jericho”

Jericho Digg Day – October 28th, 2007

Before the Date is Announced:

  • CBS should be in close contact with fan communities in order to recapture the grassroots elements of the initial campaign to save Jericho.
  • The DVD set should be advertised through traditional and new media in a way that reflects its importance to the campaign.
  • Fans should attempt to overcome the rifts growing between certain populations in order to present a united front.
  • CBS should be responsible for keeping the series in the public eye, not just the fans; however, fans should continue to digg, read and comment on stories to keep their momentum alive.

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