“Dirty Sexy Money” at South Dakota Dark

I’ve been watching Dirty Sexy Money consistently all season, and while I’m certainly not head over heels in love I think the sum of the whole is more than enough to overcome some of its weak links. However, for whatever reason, I haven’t blogged about it: it’s on late, and I think I just have been taking Wednesday off ever since Bionic Woman bit the dust. However, I’ve decided to start covering the show…but not here at Cultural Learnings.

I’ve been reading Sound Dakota Dark for a while now: it represents a wide range of contributing voices discussing a whole host of TV shows, a large majority of which I watch. When the opportunity arose to cover Dirty Sexy Money, I jumped at the opportunity: I’m always looking to expand my blog horizons, and this was a chance to work with a great team of people.

However, because I am still wholly committed to this blog, I will be posting a preview and a link to each week’s post here – feel free to discuss the show at either location, although it is in danger of becoming a Writer’s Strike casualty. Let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

Dirty Sexy Money – “The Wedding” @ South Dakota Dark

There are only so many complaints I can have when Donald Sutherland spends an hour of television getting drunk on tequila. When the frustrating Karen and Nick storyline rears its ugly head, all I have to do is think back to Tripp Darling carrying around a giant bottle of tequila and a smile cracks my face.

But the smile wasn’t there for long: while the show’s zip is certainly not lost in this episode, I am fairly certain that the show’s current direction is like Karen’s fifth wedding just waiting to happen.

You can also check out my “Season Thus Far” Recap as well.

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