The 2008 Golden Globe Awards – TV Predictions – Drama

I watched Friday Night Lights last evening, but I felt too ill to really put my thoughts onto paper. Suffice to say that I agree with Sepinwall in that any show in its right mind would not put Tim Riggins’ fingerprints on a gun and have him steal a load of cash just after it got dragged down from a frustrating murder storyline. The rest of the episode I think I enjoyed more than Alan did, but on the whole it feels like we’re going in circles. And, in the preview for next week, did they seriously show Tim Riggins going after LYLA again? That just feels unnecessary.

But, either way, let’s settle into the big TV story this weekend: The now truncated and airing on multiple stations Golden Globes: News Conference Edition. It’s been a wild ride of sorts, and now comes word that the press conference won’t be picketed as it will be aired on multiple networks and not just on NBC. Variety has the full (And ludicrously complicated) story, but the end result is the same: TV personalities will be announcing the winners in an hour-long block at 9pm EST tomorrow. This should be an interesting experience, but since stars will be able to attend (due to the lack of pickets) there might be some excitement. I’ll look at drama nominees today, and comedy tomorrow. And maybe some film predictions – I’m weak like that.

Drama Series

  • Big Love
  • Damages [Predicted Winner]
  • Grey’s Anatomy
  • House
  • Mad Men [Myles’ Choice]
  • The Tudors

It’s the biggest TV award of the evening, really, and it’s one that is kind of tough to decide. The two network series are more or less out of contention, their popularity being their only saving grace in an environment that likes new series. Big Love and The Tudors are just not quite unique enough to stand out, and Damages is buzzworthy due to strong performances and a compelling narrative. It also has the most nominations out of any show, although an upset is always possible. Meanwhile, what is lacks in star power Mad Men makes up with quality and a strong awards push – it’s both my choice and a potential spoiler.

Best Actor in a Drama Series

  • Michael C. Hall [Dexter] [Predicted Winner / Myles’ Choice]
  • Jon Hamm [Mad Men]
  • Hugh Laurie [House]
  • Jonathan Rhys-Meyers [The Tudors]
  • Bill Paxton [Big Love]

This is a category that comes down to two people, really, with Jon Hamm just being too much of an unknown to really break through against two heavyweights. Hugh Laurie has won the award already, while Hall has been criminally unrepresented for his fantastic work on Dexter. It is my hope, and my prediction, that this is rectified by the HFPA, and hopefully it can wake up Emmy to his genius. Seriously, Emmys, James Spader? However, you just watch: the Globe will go to Bill Paxton, who isn’t wholly undeserving but still, just to spite me.

Best Actress in a Drama Series

  • Patricia Arquette [Medium]
  • Glenn Close [Damages]
  • Minnie Driver [The Riches]
  • Edie Falco [The Sopranos] [Myles’ Choice]
  • Sally Field [Brothers & Sisters] [Predicted Winner]
  • Holly Hunter [Saving Grace]
  • Kyra Sedgwick [The Closer]

This is the category that has frustrated critics most, mainly because they managed to find seven names which weren’t Connie Britton from Friday Night Lights. Regardless of this slight, the category is as a result nearly impossible to predict. You have last year’s winner, four primarily film actresses moving to TV, and two perennial nominees in this category during awards season. I’d say that Sedgwick is old news by now, and Hunter’s series hasn’t gotten much love. As a result, it’s a battle between Close, Falco and Field. I’m going to five it to Sally Field (Who won the Emmy), but I’d probably give the award to Edie Falco just to make up for the lack of Sopranos love elsewhere.

Supporting Actress [Series, TV Movie, Miniseries]

  • Rose Byrne [Damages]
  • Rachel Griffiths [Brothers & Sisters] [Myles’ Choice]
  • Katherine Heigl [Grey’s Anatomy] [Predicted Winner]
  • Samantha Morton [Longford]
  • Anna Paquin [Bury My Heart…]
  • Jaime Pressley [My Name is Earl]

I’m going to put the supporting categories with drama since, invariably, I expect it to be a dramatic actress/actor who wins them. In this case, only Pressley is from a comedy, and she has no chance in the category. Generally, they tend to reward television series here because they are somewhat more recent and culturally relevant. As a result, it’s really a race between Heigl and…well, I guess Griffiths, but even then. Byrne might be from the most nominated series, but she’s also a non-entity in Damages from the very beginning. Heigl takes the win, undeservedly really, but I’d choose Griffiths.

Supporting Actor [Series, TV Movie, Miniseries]

  • Ted Danson [Damages]
  • Kevin Dillon [Entourage] [Myles’ Choice]
  • Jeremy Piven [Entourage]
  • Andy Serkis [Longford]
  • William Shatner [Boston Legal]
  • Donald Sutherland [Dirty Sexy Money] [Predicted Winner]

This is a tough category to predict because there actually is a chance of Kevin Dillon or Jeremy Piven to take the award home – Entourage is a very international and broad series that I expect plays well with foreign journalists. However, the real heavyweights here are Shatner and Sutherland, specifically the latter – he’s been doing strong work on the series, and it’s hard to argue against a thespian of this nature even if his dialogue is occasionally far too Shakespearean for the setting. However, watch out for Ted Danson – he plays against type well in Damages, and could be a popular choice due to the uncanny nature of his character. Me, personally? I’m going with Kevin Dillon, who deserves to get out of Piven’s shadow and get some recognition for a role that he makes great even when the story should drag Drama down.

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