Greek – “Mr. Purr-fect”

“Mr. Purr-fect”

May 12th, 2008

There are a few things about Greek that bother me more than others, and rip me right out of my appreciation of its subtle character development in favour of lamenting its more frustrating elements. Casey Cartwright just brings out the worst in me, and the idea of returning to her love hexagon (No, I’m not kidding, it’s a hexagon) isn’t exactly getting me excited.

At some point I think my hatred of Casey will come full circle in favour of an ability to ignore her and move on to other characters I enjoy more (Of which the episode has a few, when considering them outside of Casey’s influence). The show has a lot of charm going for it, but too often its emotional core is placed in the one character who I am not emotionally connected to. Here, we have the emergence of Calvin as a character (for the first time in a while), a fun combination of Rusty and Rebecca, and the internal struggles over how to handle Cappie’s whipped status is something that is enjoyable to watch.

But as long as I keep being cynical about Casey (And her new, personality-less boy toy Shane), I guess it won’t be perfect…and I refuse to turn that into a pun.

My favourite (Re: least favourite) part of Casey’s new crush is that she actually relishes the fact that she knows nothing about him other than that he has a charming grin and is athletic. The only real positive spin to the development is that, magically, once annoying Evan Chambers is able to emerge from his shell with Frannie, while Casey remains as frustrating as ever. There is just nothing about her character development that charms me, and I don’t even want to see her even close to happy. That’s awful to say, but she just is way too shallow for me to buy any of this right now.

I actually buy Frannie and Evan considerably more, characters that were once rather unfortunate but now seem far, far more logical and reasonable. Frannie, in particular, is logical and reasonable in the face of dealing with Evan’s uncertainty and her own infidelity. She seems far more worldly than Casey, and her comparative maturity is off the charts. That Casey ends up blown off only because Evan literally bought out Shane so that he wouldn’t see her around was supposed to make me dislike Evan (And it does), but it seems a cheap way to create sympathy for Casey (By making Shane quite so despicable).

And it all took away from what worked in the episode: pairing Rusty and Rebecca was inspired, if only because of their personal bitterness overwhelming them, and I liked that the Guy Code was torn away to help both characters and Cappie coming together in a charming fashion. Similarly, I thought that returning to Calvin’s homosexuality was good timing, especially as I am always a fan of Max Greenfield, who has now managed to pop up on way too many shows I watch. Calvin is a character that the audience can empathize with, considering how he is living a double life, and I also think he’s the one character who probably has our respect without any question. He’s a stark contrast to someone like Casey or Evan, and it’s nice to see more of that.

The episode’s structure, the pageant to crown the Top Cat or some other thing, was loose enough to remain unobtrusive while still providing reason for the various shenanigans. If one thing comes out of this episode, I hope it is that the Love Hexagon (Casey – Evan – Cappie – Rebecca – Frannie – Random Love Interest) can officially separate into a happy couple (Cappie and Rebecca) and the Love Square from Hell between everyone else (Sorry Frannie!). It would make my time watching the show a bit easier, although I really do need to get over it considering that I enjoy most everything else.

Cultural Observations

  • Disappointed to, again, not get back to Rusty’s potential relationship goings-on in this one; I know that it’s a small-budget show, so they can’t bring back guest stars too often, but I thought that it was a real connection (And a non-frat storyline for Rusty), and abandoning it seems like an unfortunate move.
  • As far as male-related codes on TV goes, I needed more examples of The Guy Code before I could ever rank it even close to HIMYM’s Bro Code.
  • What a strange moment for Rusty when he was trying to lure the little girl into his van over the phone; I don’t know if it was how it was written or how it was performed, but it was just really weird at the end of the day, and I’m not even sure it was funny.

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  1. Victoria

    Finally! It’s not just me who finds Casey extremely annoying! In every episode she just cannot stop whining, whether it’s about Frannie, or boys or her brother… I mean seriously, her and Cappie make a most unsuitable couple. I also agree with the Cappie and Rebecca relationship, it worked quite well.

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