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Greek – “Mr. Purr-fect”

“Mr. Purr-fect”

May 12th, 2008

There are a few things about Greek that bother me more than others, and rip me right out of my appreciation of its subtle character development in favour of lamenting its more frustrating elements. Casey Cartwright just brings out the worst in me, and the idea of returning to her love hexagon (No, I’m not kidding, it’s a hexagon) isn’t exactly getting me excited.

At some point I think my hatred of Casey will come full circle in favour of an ability to ignore her and move on to other characters I enjoy more (Of which the episode has a few, when considering them outside of Casey’s influence). The show has a lot of charm going for it, but too often its emotional core is placed in the one character who I am not emotionally connected to. Here, we have the emergence of Calvin as a character (for the first time in a while), a fun combination of Rusty and Rebecca, and the internal struggles over how to handle Cappie’s whipped status is something that is enjoyable to watch.

But as long as I keep being cynical about Casey (And her new, personality-less boy toy Shane), I guess it won’t be perfect…and I refuse to turn that into a pun.

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