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Talkin’ Junos: Live-Blogging Extravaganza

It’s time for the annual celebration of popular Canadian Music, no matter how counter-intuitive that statement may sound. I’ll be cutting in on occasion during the pre-show, but I’m quite likely to be ignoring Tanya Kim’s hair and eTalk @ The Junos.

7:00pm: Ben Mulroney informs us about something quite silly, and then Tanya Kim has some stars of Corner Gas…and Gabrielle Miller is wearing some sort of bizarre odd thing that is part shorts, part dress, and part…I don’t even know. Oh Gabrielle Miller.

7:03pm: Chris Murphy makes me mildly happy for existing, at this particular point, and his presence at the awards and the fact that the Rock Album award will be presented live bode well for his chances.

7:05pm: George Canyon and Carolyn Dawn Johnson…and Canyon makes a hockey reference, and gets an annoying cheap pop. His head is huge.

7:08pm: Tanya Kim most certainly just kind of let herself bhee mobbed for tickets by Grayson Williams, it was fairly entertaining. There was also JackSould in there, and now Colin James is there. This is supposed to be exciting? Continue reading

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Juno Awards Preview and Early Winners – Liveblogging @ 7pm AST

The Junos are tonight, and even though I have essays to write I am in a liveblogging mood. So, at 7pm AST (6pm EST) I’ll be here liveblogging away through the 2-hour telecast. However, if you want to be up to snuff, The Elder has a preview of the awards, the major ones anyways, up at McNutt Against the Music. That’s really all you need to know, but for those curious, here are the winners of the awards announced on Saturday Night at a non-broadcast event. Some of them (Alternative Album, Pop Album, Artist of the Year) boggle my mind that they were not announced on-air. This makes me think that the winner of two of those statues (Ms. Nelly Furtado, the evening’s host) might be walking away with Album of the Year guaranteed.

Anyways, here’s the list, and I’ll see you this evening at 7!

International Album of the Year: “Taking the Long Way” (Dixie Chicks).

Artist of the Year: Nelly Furtado.

New Group of the Year: Mobile.

Songwriter of the Year: Gordie Sampson.

Country Recording of the Year: “Somebody Wrote Love” (George Canyon).

Rap Recording of the Year: “Black Magic” (Swollen Members).

Adult Alternative Album of the Year: “The Light That Guides You Home” (Jim Cuddy).

Alternative Album of the Year: “Sometimes” (City and Colour).

Pop Album of the Year: “Loose” (Nelly Furtado).

Vocal Jazz Album of the Year: “From This Moment On” (Diana Krall).

Video of the Year: “Bridge to Nowhere” (Duplex).

Rest can be found here: The Globe and Mail

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