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Where Can You Watch Pixar’s Lifted? Only in Theatres…and on iTunes!

[EDIT: As Leland has pointed out, Lifted can now be purchased in the iTunes store for those interested in viewing it again and again for the low, low price of $2. But he’s also correct to point out that seeing it in theatres is a whole different experience. Thanks for the heads up, Leland!]

Over the past few days after the release of Ratatouille, people have been stumbling across Cultural Learnings’ review of the short film, Lifted, that appears before the new Disney-Pixar release in theatres. It seems, based on the amount of people searching for a way to see the short film, that people want to watch it again. Well, I’ve got some bad news for you: Disney and Pixar are not going to be letting you do that online any time soon.

Why? Well, because they want you to go see ‘Ratatouille’ again, of course! If it was available online, that’s one less reason for people to bother heading to theatres to see their new animated film, so of course they’re going to be militant about keeping the short under wraps. They even deleted a short clip of the short from the AWN Oscars Preview that had been up in February when the short was nominated for an Oscar.

So, if you want to see it again soon, I suggest heading to your local theatre to check out Ratatouille for a 2nd time. However, if you’re patient, I think that you’ll get a chance to download the short film from iTunes within the next week or so. Last year’s One Man Band, screening in front of Cars, was released to the service about a week after that film’s release. So, perhaps the end of the week will bring you the fix you’re looking for.

Until then, all we can do is wait and hope that an abuctor-in-training doesn’t get us killed in our sleep before we get a chance to watch this hilarious little film again.


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The Ten Reasons You Should See Pixar’s ‘Ratatouille’: #3 – ‘Lifted’ (Pixar’s New Animated Short Film)

#3 ‘Lifted’

Now, let me make one thing clear: I had technically planned on putting this earlier within the series, as it isn’t exactly my 3rd biggest reason to see this film, but then I forgot about it. However, as I’ve considered it, I think that it perhaps deserves a spot high on this list regardless of how fantastic Ratatouille itself is. Because, like most Pixar films, ‘Ratatouille’ ships to your local theatre with an animated short film attached to it. That animated short is the Oscar-nominated ‘Lifted’ from Gary Rydstrom, and it is Reason #3 you should see Ratatouille. Why? Because it is both stylistically and thematically connected with Brad Bird’s feature film, and prepares you well for the greatness to follow.

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