Ratings Roadblock: Sunday Failure for ‘Drive’

“Drive can’t get into gear on Sundays”

“Stuck in Traffic: Drive detours into 4th Place”

“Lost in Transmission: Drive Drops Out of Contention”

“Running on Empty: Drive’s All Fumes on Sunday”

“We Need a Jack: Drive Deflates for FOX”

Yes, as my assortment of puns demonstrates (Feel free to add to the pile, it’s really quite fun), Drive failed to garner much attention in the ratings last night. While final ratings are not available, it looks like Drive barely garnered higher ratings than last week’s set of comedy repeats, and was actually lower than the comedy repeats which aired a year earlier. [Source: PIFeedback]

What does this mean? It means that if you watched the pilot through some other means, you better watch Drive tonight if you want the show to continue. 8pm on FOX is the time and place, and the show is currently looking like a 6 and out for FOX unless things really pick up this evening.

If I was FOX, I’d lay the blame on CTV who aired the episode on Friday. This meant that the episodes leaked onto the internet, so a lot of people are sitting around waiting for the third episode to air. Let’s hope they turn out, because otherwise the show is facing some serious engine trouble.

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