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Network Upfronts Extravaganza – ‘FOX’ Preview

It’s going to end up as the #1 network this season due to the American Idol juggernaut. And yet, can we really say that FOX has had a successful year? It’s to the point now where we really can’t even include Idol in the show’s ratings in order to get a decent view into its true success. The reality is that FOX had a rough development season, failing to put together a single new show that was buzzworthy except for the one they gave a shot after American Idol in the second half of the season…and a game show. The network looks to diversify that success yet again this season, and they’ve got a few options on the table which could get them there…and some which are just plain awful.

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Cultural News Bytes: Date for final episodes of ‘Drive’, ‘Lost’ Interview

‘Drive’ Drifts to the Finish Line on Independence Day

Yep: on July 4th, while everyone is getting drunk and heading to theatres to catch Transformers, FOX is counterprogramming with the final two episodes of its failed midseason drama ‘Drive’ (According to the show’s official site). Personally, based on the four episodes we saw, I think the series deserves better…but at the very least it fulfills their obligation to the show, and gets the episodes out there. Whether we like it or not, Drive is gone for good, and its return on July 4th is just a fleeting glimpse of what could have been.

‘Lost’ Producers discuss Rattlesnakes and Mailboxes

Entertainment Weekly steps to the table with what is the first formidable interview with Lost producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse today, and it’s a doozy. There’s the explanation as to the reasoning behind the 3/16 (3 seasons, 16 episodes) scheduling format at the beginning, but tread lightly onwards: there’s some discussion of the final episodes of the season as well. Head to the link to read for yourself, or just click below for a little summary. Spoilers are light if not non-existent.

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Ratings Roadblock: Sunday Failure for ‘Drive’

“Drive can’t get into gear on Sundays”

“Stuck in Traffic: Drive detours into 4th Place”

“Lost in Transmission: Drive Drops Out of Contention”

“Running on Empty: Drive’s All Fumes on Sunday”

“We Need a Jack: Drive Deflates for FOX”

Yes, as my assortment of puns demonstrates (Feel free to add to the pile, it’s really quite fun), Drive failed to garner much attention in the ratings last night. While final ratings are not available, it looks like Drive barely garnered higher ratings than last week’s set of comedy repeats, and was actually lower than the comedy repeats which aired a year earlier. [Source: PIFeedback]

What does this mean? It means that if you watched the pilot through some other means, you better watch Drive tonight if you want the show to continue. 8pm on FOX is the time and place, and the show is currently looking like a 6 and out for FOX unless things really pick up this evening.

If I was FOX, I’d lay the blame on CTV who aired the episode on Friday. This meant that the episodes leaked onto the internet, so a lot of people are sitting around waiting for the third episode to air. Let’s hope they turn out, because otherwise the show is facing some serious engine trouble.

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Review: Taking a Sunday ‘Drive’ with FOX

Although later than most midseason premieres, and more of a summer show in the end, FOX is premiering Drive on Sunday, April 15th with a two-hour event designed to mirror 24’s premiere structure. It moves into the 8pm Monday Prison Break timeslot the following night, and I think it’s a far more fitting comparison. In the end, ‘Drive’ is what Prison Break used to be: entertaining television that draws you in with a diverse cast of characters and a premise that keeps you guessing.

The show’s premise is deceptively simple, at its most basic level. 32 teams of two people participate in a cross-country road race from Key West, Florida to an undisclosed location designed in a form of checkpoints, with the winner receiving $32 Million. At each checkpoint, you get a message on a provided phone which sends you in a new direction. This is all of the detail we’re really provided with, as our main character Alex Tully misses the orientation session and the race’s version of Phil Keoghan (Who has a much more dire version of Philimination at the end of the 1st Hour) has already put away his PowerPoint and closed his satchel, robbing us of visual aids. The show, then, follows a rather impressive number of these teams on the race.

It’s a diverse group of characters, and it features enough diversity to promise some interesting things moving forward. For the purpose of organization, I’m going to separate them into distinct teams.

Team Kidnapped

Alex Tully and Corinna Wiles

Alex (Nathan Fillion) is the star here, in the race to rescue his recently Kidnapped wife. Early on in the first episode, Corinna makes her first appearance, and through the two-hour Pilot you will get a sense as to her shady past. Her connection to the race, and to the team name I’ve selected, will be revealed in the show’s second hour. Their biggest challenge is someone connected to the race organizers who seems intent on a) running them off the road, and b) killing Corinna. That would be a problem, no?

Team Mother

Wendy Patrakas

It’s a team with only one official member, as Wendy is all on her lonesome. She gives birth in the episode’s opening act, and is in Key West with a Bjorn strapped to her just a week later. She is the only racer we see who has a run-in with the cops, thanks to some issues with her abusive husband, and she’s provided with the most diverse race experience thus far in the show’s second hour.

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