Network Upfronts Extravaganza: Tuesday ‘Bubble Shows’ Update

Well, it looks like there’s some new word from The Hollywood Reporter about some bubble shows.

– Confirming earlier reports, The CW is renewing Smallville, Supernatural and One Tree Hill for next year to go along with their pilot pickups (Gossip Girl, Reaper, and Wild at Heart are now joined by comedy Aliens in America).

However, most interesting is that this basically fills the CW schedule…and yet there is still the fate of Veronica Mars to be decided. At this point, I don’t think the show has a chance. Chances are that the network will fill its programming gaps with reality television as opposed to ordering up Veronica’s FBI spinoff. The fate of the show looks bleaker than ever, although there’s always still a chance it could make it by the skin of its teeth.

– On the CBS side of things, the network has its pilots in place [See: Monday Night Update]. However, the big question now is the fate of its bubble shows and there’s been some movement.

A renewal looks good for Rules of Engagement, the David Spade-led sitcom which performed well after Two & a Half Men earlier this year. Things look somewhat worse for The New Adventures of Old Christine, but it’s expected to get at least a shortened midseason order. Nowhere to be found in Variety’s article, however, is How I Met Your Mother. HR goes all out to list the network’s returning dramas (The Unit, Shark, Ghost Whisperer, Criminal Minds), and the above comedies, but says nothing about the bubble comedy…or the beloved Jericho. This is not a good sign for either show, and they remain the big question marks heading into tomorrow.

EDIT: Well, there’s some final word from Variety…and it’s good news for How I Met Your Mother, and bad news for Jericho fans.

CBS has apparently nuked “Jericho,” dismissed “Class” and closed the book on “Close to Home.”

Net wasn’t commenting Tuesday, but several people familiar with the situation said none of the skeins has been given a series order for next season. “Close to Home” had been considered near dead for several months now, with “Class” on the longshot list, but there had been speculation that CBS would exercise some patience with “Jericho.”

Eye skeins getting better news this week include “How I Met Your Mother,” which has been picked up for a third season. Eye’s most buzzworthy laffer might seem to be a no-brainer for renewal, but CBS execs make producers sweat it out until the last minute.

So Jericho is canceled, while How I Met Your Mother lives to see another day.

– For those looking to see how each night of their broadcast is shaping up, Cornballer over at NeoGAF has been kind enough to point us in the direction of (An Awesome Site for Reviews) and their extensive schedule which very plainly lays out what each night of primetime is going to look like. Head over there to take a look, and keep an eye on it as CBS, FOX and The CW get filled in over the next few days.

The Fall 2007 Schedule –


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