Network Upfronts Extravaganza – ‘CBS’ 2007/2008 Fall Schedule

CBS has gone with what, for them, likely seems to be a rather risky lineup (Variety). However, the thing for CBS is that their idea of taking a risk is taking two Tylenol instead of one: it’s just a little dangerous, but there’s still no chance of anything negative happening.

CBS launches with a lineup which, despite new entries, seems awfully familiar. It is still anchored by three CSIs, it’s still got a large assortment of procedural crime dramas, and it still has a dose of reality where it counts. It is for this reason that any risk they take is really not risky at all: as soon as one of their new shows fails, they’ll just plop in a CSI rerun and wait until the next series is ready to go. This is the way CBS operates.

The New Fall Shows

Cane – A Latin-American family, led by Jimmy Smits, enters into the alcohol business. It still sounds a lot like ABC’s Brothers & Sisters in Latino form, but with Smits at the helm the show carries gravitas. It’s not a huge risk for CBS at all, except that they’ve had trouble with such shows in the past. It’s a serial drama, and the network has nothing but procedurals at the moment (No, seriously, look at the lineup if you think I’m lying. Every single returning drama is a procedural drama.) Still, they’ve got to start being successful with serials at some point, and Cane has a shot.

Timeslot: 10pm on Tuesdays

Competition: Tough, with Boston Legal and Law and Order: Special Victims Unit to contend with.

Swingtown – A drama about the swinging lives of various romantic couplings, it’s both raunchier and less procedural than anything else in CBS’ lineup. This is an attempt to get a Desperate Housewives-style hit for the network, and I don’t think it will prove successful. The show has potential, but it just seems to be trying too hard to be THAT show. You know, the one the Parents’ groups get all uppity about. As a result, I worry about it becoming self-conscious, and losing any creative edge it perhaps had.

Timeslot: Held Until Midseason

Competition: We don’t know yet, but I don’t think it bodes well for the drama. It could be asked to slot in early should Cane falter in its tough slot, and that’s asking the drama to rush itself…and that would be disastrous for this particular show.

Viva Laughlin – A musical-comedy-crime drama surroundinga man who wants to open a casino in Laughlin, Nevada. I don’t really know what to think about this one: it’s a bizarre coupling, and with Hugh Jackman as producer it is certainly a unique experience. I would have more faith in the series if likely jobless Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas was coming on as showrunner as rumoured, but that appears to be off the table. For me, the show needs to prove that its construct is a good one, and can’t just rely on being quirky to succeed. I think that’s a tough job for a show on a network where simple = successful.

Timeslot: 8pm on Sundays

Competition: Tough. Extreme Makeover: Home Edition is never an easy show to beat, and it has to hope to compete with Sunday Night Football for its audience.

Moonlight – A vampire private investigator who, well, investigates supernatural happenings in a procedural fashion. The show is a likely companion for Ghost Whisperer on Fridays, and perhaps has the best chance of succeeding since it’s basically “Generic CBS Procedural + Vampires”. I think it will be a far cry from shows like Buffy or Angel which actually dealt with the true supernatural elements of their stories and created mythologies…Moonlight just wants to masquerade as such a drama to make it stand out within a crowd, which does little to interest me.

Timeslot: 9pm on Fridays

Competition: Weak. Moonlight has a good shot at continuing CBS’ dominance of the night with only ABC’s weak Girls Murder Club and NBC’s Las Vegas to worry about.

Big Bang Theory – A comedy from Two and a Half Men producer Chuck Lorre, this sitcom is…well, your tradition multi-camera sitcom about geeks and hot girls and blah. It’s depressing to see it getting the nod over more interesting single-camera fare, but the reality is that CBS is looking for its next King of Queens or Everybody Loves Raymond (Ratings wise), and they expect to find it here. However, this is a comedy about young people (Kaley Cuoco, 8 Simple Rules, stars), not about old people. This is a young person’s sitcom being expected to play the role of a middle aged one, and the result is likely to be another The Class: high expectations and decent results behind How I Met Your Mother

Timeslot: 8:30 on Mondays

Competition: Average. CBS’s comedies are successful counterprogramming, they’ll pull through just fine.

The Returning Show Details

The Amazing Race is officially off the fall schedule, as it will be held over until the new year and only air a single season this year. This is unsurprising, but troubling; I worry that if ratings are low for this one season they’ll pull the plug. I think that the show has plenty of gas left, but a lot of miles on the car. They can keep driving, they just need to slow down a little and everything will be okay. It’s like Speed. (Note: Everything can be like Speed. True Story). It will be indirectly replaced by a new reality show, Kid Nation, a new Lord of the Flies-esque story of kids taking over a ghost town revealed today (Variety). It will be airing on Wednesdays at 8pm

The New Adventures of Old Christine, the 5th Wheel on the Monday comedy block, will be returning midseason.

Shark and Without a Trace have switched spots, with the latter moving back to its old post-CSI slot and Shark spending some time on Sunday Nights against Brothers & Sisters.

The Departed

It’s official: Jericho and Close to Home are no longer on the air. This was pretty well confirmed on Tuesday, but they’re definitely gone. Also gone is “The Class”…but no one notices.

For the full Fall Schedule, continue on.

CBS’ 2007/2008 Fall Schedule


8pm – How I Met Your Mother

8:30pm – Big Bang Theory [New Series]

9pm – Two and a Half Men

9:30pm – The Rules of Engagement

10pm – CSI: Miami


8pm – NCIS

9pm – The Unit

10pm – Cane [New Series]


8pm – Kid Nation [New]

9pm – Criminal Minds

10pm – CSI: NY


8pm – Survivor

9pm – CSI

10pm – Without a Trace [New Timeslot]


8pm – The Ghost Whisperer

9pm – Moonlight [New Series]

10pm – Numbers


8pm – Viva Laughlin [New Series]

9pm – Cold Case

10pm – Shark [New Timeslot]


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18 responses to “Network Upfronts Extravaganza – ‘CBS’ 2007/2008 Fall Schedule

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  3. I am so disappointed that cbs cancelled “Close to Home”. I love David James Elliott and he was so good in that show. It was the top rated show of the night. How can you keep “Ghost” and not “Close”? Please use David in something! He is such a waste of talent.


  5. Linda Coderre

    How could you take off “Close To Home”? This is such a good show, with class, character, grace, and punch. Such a socially significant program is hard to find. You could have left it on in another time slot, and gotten rid of some of the other junk that you have on the air. David and Jennifer make this show worth watching, and Mr. Bruckheimer producing tops it all off. I know that I will be watching less of CBS because of this. Not a great move here, not a great move at all.

  6. Robert Banks

    When CBS broadcasts sports events on Sundays, Cold Case and Shark will start at a later time.
    I am glad they moved “Without A Trace” to its old timeslot on Thursdays, and hopefully they will move “Shark” to another night.
    “Shark” does not deserve to be on Sundays and possibly pre-empted by CBS sports.
    Although, I am looking forward to CBS bidding for broadcasting rights of NFL games instead of FOX.

  7. Michelle S.

    To keep shows such as Cold Case, Without a Trace, and The Unit, which are pretty mundane, boring, and repetetive for the most part; and get rid of something like Close to Home which was full of talent and a show to look forward to watching. I say CBS made the wrong decision! I would rather see 3 not so great shows go and have one amazing show come back. If I had to keep 2 of the 3 shows that are boring, I would have to go with Cold Case and The Unit. But Without a Trace can get the boot from me because it has horrible acting and is just once of those shows that puts me to sleep!

  8. donnamarie kerner

    why would you cancel close to home? it is such a great show. i don’t understand why you take off a good show and why you can’t make time for an existing show. but you could fit in a new show that you have no idea how it is gonna make out.
    i’m sick of all the new shows there’s to many it is to overwhelming. don’t fix it if it ain’t broke.
    if you know what i mean

  9. Paul Brinson

    Thanks for leaving NCIS and THE UNIT on. As a former Marine, I find them, both, interesting.

  10. Joy Pow

    I cannot believe that you would cancel “Close to Home” – it is a wonderful show and I am so tired of all of these reality shows. Close to Home possessed great talented stars – yet another let down – cancelling good shows and why??

  11. Geneva Armstrong

    I am very upset that you cancelled “Close to Home” and kept those stupid shows – “How I Met Your Mother”, Two and a Half Men” and “Old Christine”. My TV is turned off or to another channel whenever those shows are on. Get Wise and keep the good shows with actors who have some talent.

  12. cindy

    I cannot believe you are taking close to home off, that was a good show…..they always take the good ones off and put some stupid reality shows on, we live that stuff everyday, why watch someone else, I think “Cane “sounds pretty dumb, take it off before it comes on and put the good shows bk on…….

  13. jennifer

    I enjoyed the class its a shame you couldnt give them one more season . I think they would of pulled in more viewers. Atleast you kept how i met you’re mother and two and a half men they are great shows.

  14. Robert

    How can you possibly take off “Close To Home” on Friday nights. It was up there with CSI Miami, NCIS, CSI etc. Very bad decision on CBS’S part. I would like to know why. Please get back to me. RJF

  15. first you took smith off the air and now your taking cane off.what in world is cbs thinking.they were both good shows.please get your act together.

  16. jean

    i will be so happy when you put Shark back on. it is my favorite !!! and of course, off it goes !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i like without a trace and cold case, other than that, there are just another tv show. now, when do you return Shark ???????????????

  17. L

    So you are axing “Jericho” and taking off with “slut town” and “viva” and of that hole in the dark show “survivor” that needs to die off soon. Poor choices. Definitely will not be watching any “CBS” this fall.

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